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It’s Time to Give your Body a Tune-up

Just like your car needs a tune-up, from time to time the body needs one too.

How can you make changes though if you don't know where to begin? Is the latest diet really right for you?

Everyone wants to get into shape, shed pounds and eat healthier but each person is unique and needs to know exactly where their own focus begins.

As Nutritional Therapy practitioners (NTP’s) we have a host of nutritional assessment tools in our tool box. Our favorite one is the Nutritional Assessment questionnaire (NAQ) - a very powerful tool to help us identify areas within the body that need to be addressed.

The feedback from a client’s questionnaire is computer-plotted into 15 different categories from Upper Gastrointestinal (G.I) to Immune System. Once the priorities on the graph are identified, and other assessments considered, we as NTP’s can develop a customized plan for the client.

This is a client’s Symptom Burden Graph showing progress between April and June. The red line indicates the client’s first visit. The blue dashed line shows progress 3 months later.

The first four columns on the graph relate to digestion. In this case, the first priority is the Upper G.I. (symptoms include bloating or belching within 1 hour of eating). The second priority is the Small Intestine (symptoms include craving bread and noodles). The third priority is Sugar Handling (symptoms include craving sugar, afternoon sleepiness, as well as difficulty falling back asleep during night awakening).

During the 3 months we worked with this client, she learned a lot about nutrient dense whole foods and eagerly adopted our individualized dietary and lifestyle plan. The final result - (enough to move the blue graph line into the much improved lower priority zones) translated into a client who felt: relief from digestive discomforts, revitalized and happened to lose 8 pounds in the process.

How long has it been since you had a tune-up?

If you would like us to graph your "15 point inspection" and identify health priorities, feel free contact us at Natural Selection Nutrition.

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